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An International Trading Company

located in Munich
but with roots in Japan

Our products…

Panaferd®-AX Natural Pigment for Fish Feed

Based on natural sources, Panaferd®-AX is a pigment made especially for salmon and trout. When it is mixed into the feed, the fish flesh will take the rose color typical for these species. Panaferd®-AX is most suitable for organic fish farming, being a natural alternative to synthetic pigments.

Panaferd® is a Registered Trademark of NOE.

Our Products…

GRANOC® Carbon Fiber

We can provide you with pitch based carbon fibers with the highest tensile modulus of 860 GPa. GRANOC® has an especially low CTE (coefficient of thermal expansion) and the maximum thermal conductivity of 900 W/mk. Available as yarn, fabric and chopped/milled fibers, e.g. for CFRP.

GRANOC® is a Registered Trademark of NGF.

Our Products…

Optical Crystals

We are offering high resolution CaF2 for optical applications, such as lithography machines (steppers), laser optics, e.g. electron microscopy, and TV cameras.

Our Products…

Spötterin Targets

We are specialized in handling 4N ITO (indium tin oxide) targets with a purity of 99.99%. Other sputtering targets are also available on request.

Our services

We are importing and exporting high performance products and base elements from Japan.

our suppliers

All our suppliers are renowned Japanese companies with excellent reliability, punctuality and constant product quality. 

Our Performances

What we can do for you

Clearing and Settlement of Imports

We will manage the whole import procedure, from our order confirmation to a punctual delivery. If any problems arise, we are there to find a solution immediately, contacting responsible parties per hotline.

Initiation and Cultivation of Contacts

We are working for a good relationship between our suppliers and our customers, acting as a mediator in case of a conflict or a cultural misunderstanding.

Your Partner for Export Business

Upon request, we will find proper business partners for you in Japan.

about us

Kunihiro Kawazu


“We always put customers’ satisfaction in the first place. Our main task is to create and maintain good business relations between our customers and our suppliers.”

Our company headquarters are in the city center of Munich, near the old town gate Sendlinger Tor. In autumn 2017, we were happy to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of our company.

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Yayoi Imada und Yuki Kuwano

Did you know…
that we are commited cultural too ?

For example, October 27th 2019, we like to invite you to join an evening with e.g. Mozart, Bach and Michio, in the great location of „Künstlerhaus“ at Lenbachplatz.